Renaldo Creative makes beat

Cancer Patient at Makes Beat In His Hospital Bed

Cancer Patient Makes Beat In His Hospital Bed

Renaldo Creative said, I am not letting my 6th cancer or cancer treatment stop me. While on heavy radiation he remixed Tokyo Drip before his set deadline. He made the beat in his Hospital bed. Before, Renaldo had access to the computer. He made beats on FL Studio Mobile.


Make sure you follow him on Instagram @renaldocreative as a fight to create while sick.

He is undergoing treatment at Duke University Hospital for complications brought on by cancer. While in the hospital, he worked on Tokyo Drip (Afrobeat Remix), 5 mix shows, magazine cover, working on a  logo, and he released the Black Queen EP

Black Queen EP



He cannot leave the Hospital and can take things to help him continue to shine a light on indie artist and make his music. 

Send Covid-Free USB Hubs, VST, Records Pool Subscriptions, Software, headphone, accessories. We can provide the hospital address email me

Everyone that donates will get access to new music, beats, tutorials, demos, downloads in a secret chat!


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