Lex Flex

Lex Flex Model, Influencer and Female Rapper from BBO Ent.


Lex Flex also, know as, Leeexflex, appears on IndieElite music first cover. She was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is one of the most sought out models, influencers, and rappers.


Lex Flex is from the Diamond District model in Raleigh, NC. The world was introduced to her when she founded BBO Ent. with BabyK. These ladies are indieElite and are next to blow up.

Check out her latest music video below

BBO ENT-BBO (Official Music Video)

  • Photo: Diamond District  @2Deez
  • Model: Lex Flex @Leeexflex
  • Makeup: Lex Flex @leeexflex
  • Design: Renaldo Creative www.renaldocreative.com @renaldocreative
  • Model Agency: Diamond District Model

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